What does CBD do?

What does CBD Oil do?

What does CBD do? (What does it really do to your organism?)
It’s fair to say that research on CBN is still at a very early stage of development. Marijuana – even for medical purposes – is now legal in many European countries, so the scientific community is putting a lot of effort to develop this field. Currently, research shows that CBN is an effective sleep aid. A study presented in 1995 showed that synthetic cannabinol significantly prolongs sleep and allows better regeneration with rodents. Another study published in 2017 shows that cannabinol can help fight signs of aging, Numerous pharmaceutical and dermatological concerts intend to benefit from this in the future.
Another research from 2002 shows that cannabinol has an analgesic effect. CBN activates the same pain receptors as capsaicin and makes them insensitive. Capsaicin is a chemical compound found in chilli peppers that are commonly used in topical painkillers. Another study from the same year shows that CBN
is one of several cannabinoids that may be effective in treating infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). In addition, a study published in 1985 showed that cannabinol administered to males mice increased testosterone production for four days, which could be useful in future infertility studies.

Does CBN has a narcotic effect?

A study presented in 1975 shows that CBN produces very mild psychoactive effects. In fact, CBN only enhances the effects of THC. By itself, it does not cause psychoactive effects. Therefore it is non-psychoactive cannabinoid. In addition, the 5 mg dose of cannabinol is as effective as the 10 mg dose of Diazepam. The cannabinoid definitely has a calming effect. That is why its good if you consume cannabinoids to improve sleep. Cannabinol CBN is an oxidized version of THC. Most cannabis connoisseurs say the old flowers or flowers that were not properly stored contain more CBN. Therefore, old or poorly stored cannabis has a calming effect and doesnt have narcotic one. The high CBN content does not mean that marijuana is “not fresh”.

Some growers subject marijuana to multiple budding and aging cycles to increase CBN levels in the finished product. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to know the characteristics of the strain
before it is consumed. It is not necessary to consume cannabis to benefit from cannabinol. In our variety is the compound Cannabis Sativa L. Tygra.

Does CBN have side effects?

CBN, like CBD, is completely safe to use, but it should be reminded that it has been originated from THC. Cannabinol oil has several side effects, usually only when users take too much. When this happens,
you may feel nauseous, sleepy or dizzy. Usually, side effects go away after some time.

Is cannabinol legal?

There are many stereotypes on this subject, and many suppliers and customers have no idea whether
CBN’s legal status means its legality in a given country. According to VBDology, cannabinol is listed as a Class B controlled substance in the UK, as is THC. However, some suppliers in the UK sell CBD-based products containing cannabinol. This is not strictly legal and is not illegal as long as the container (bag,
box, bottle etc.), does not contain more than 1 mg of a controlled substance.
EU law states that CBN should be considered as medical marijuana because it is not regulated by international law, so the same rules apply to CBN as medical marijuana. Cannabinol has very promising  medical potential and further research into its therapeutic properties should be expected. The hemp
industry is definitely gaining more public interest, day by day. People are more aware of their health potential and non-psychoactive properties