cbd oil can help?

Do we have to go back to the times before the antibiotic era?

CBD Oil can help with that.

According to researchers, abuse of antibiotics is a main cause for antibiotic resistance. Researchers are concerned about the fact that currently known, popular antibiotics are not as efficient as they used to be. Scientists believe that if we combine an antibiotic with an excipient, which enhances the effect of an antibiotic, we need less antibiotic to achieve the same effect. This can contribute to the development of less resistant bacteria. Such enhancers of antibiotics are compounds contained in cannabis. When scientists treated some of the bacteria with a CBD combination in their research, there were three outcomes: The bacteria could no longer normally divide. Expression of some of the key genes (cell division and autolysis genes) in bacteria has been reduced. The bacterial membrane has become unstable.

In their research, scientists trying to search for more alternative solutions, have used CBD to enhance the effect of the bacitracin antibiotic on Staphylococcus aureus. That is the main pathogen that infects human bodies and often causes acquired diseases, recently mainly in hospitals. Clones of this pathogen are resistant to many drugs, and they have spread all over the world. In some countries the treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections is difficult and it is not expected that this problem will be quickly resolved by academic medicine.

CBD oil and antibiotics.

According to researchers, the combination of CBD and antibiotics may be new a method of treating infections that are resistant to antibiotics. Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp is one of the auxiliary compounds for antibiotics. A research team from the University of Southern Denmark has published a scientific study confirming the effective action of CBD. When scientists combined CBD and antibiotics, they saw a stronger effect than when treated with antibiotics alone. To kill a certain number of bacteria they needed lower dosage of antibiotic. In the face of such success, alternative strategies for fighting bacteria are being studied by many scientists. Non-antibiotic compounds that may increase the effectiveness of antibiotics are being tested.

Since the discovery of penicillin in 1928 by Alexander Fleming antibiotics have saved millions of lives around the world from deadly infections. However over time, bacteria developed mechanisms that avoided the effects of antibiotics and became resistant to them. With fewer antibiotics available for treating drug-resistant bacterial infections, it is possible to enter the pre-antibiotic era. Here comes the question of whether an antibiotic is even necessary or whether the plant substance alone could be enough. For example the extract from the hemp plant, which was banned for many years.

We know people who have been involved in biomedical diagnostics for many years and have noticed that when a patient has, for example, a staph diagnosed Staphylococcus aureus MSSA, it often goes hand in hand with fungi of the Candida genus and parasitic infestation. They all live together in communion, symbiosis and keep our body in check. CBD erases this mean system of pathogens.

Diagnostics should always start with finding the causes of weakened immunity and disorders at the metabolic level that are the cause of such intensive development of pathogens. Then, the treatment is implemented. It starts with cleansing the body and regulating metabolism. First you need to create conditions in the body that are unfavorable for the development of pathogens, and only then you can implement the next stages of any treatment. Including

these antibiotics, which are actually focused on the removal of unwanted intruders, and this is only symptomatic treatment. Why? Otherwise they will come back soon, just like acne, dandruff or herpes returns after antibiotic treatment. So first you need to change the environment and find out the reasons why the body is not coping, there are often many reasons for this and we must carefully and systematically eliminate them. Then we can talk about success of therapy. Diet is also very important, but not the usual one recommended for everyone in the forums, but diet with the individual constitution and type of metabolism of each person, a change in lifestyle and reduction of stress.

 In this case, the real, natural cannabis inflorescence extract, the so-called full spectrum cannabinoid hemp, will work great. The forgotten fact is that no pathogen is ablesurvive in a salt solution environment. We suggest: a few drops of cbd aroma plus a pinch of salt per tongue, non-purified or real sea, after each glass of water and after each meal, it ruthlessly kills all pathogens. Let’s try to treat the hemp extract like any other herb.

Today, it has been forgotten that herbal treatment is the oldest way to combat all diseases and ailments. Man from prehistory, by trial and error, tried to gain knowledge how and when to use the surrounding nature. He had to do that, because he was inseparably connected with the plant kingdom and it was successful. This is confirmed by history, because archaeologists around the world in ancient cultures, find records of the use of a specific group of herbs for various ailments. Interestingly, their knowledge about the operation of most plants is consistent with the current state of knowledge.

Understanding all the properties and side effects of herbs requires specialist knowledge.

Herbal medicine is an advanced field and caution should be exercised when using individual plant options. In the past, treatment with infusions and decoctions of herbs was only carried out by people who were qualified to do so. This practice should remain but there are situations in which we can help ourselves in treating ailments using natural ingredients. Traditional treatments, which grandmother or mother gave us, although they may be less tasty than tablets, are more effective. Unfortunately the european commission has published a list of herbs that have been or will soon be banned. Fortunately, herbs grow everywhere, and if knowledge is not forgotten or banned, future generations will benefit from the herbs. It is such a paradox that man almost destroyed nature, and now he wants that nature to heal him. Tablets, including antibiotics, stop working slowly. However, there is a cannabis, which is not completely banned yet and can be described as a super herb.

It has been studied by scientists from around the world for many years and there is still so much to discover. We know for sure that regular supply of cannabinoids to the body triggers natural self-healing abilities. We wish everyone health..