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We are distributor of CBD oil in UK and our a farm is located in Poland [Krasnystaw]. It is a place that is a herbal basin, with clean air and clean soil, due to the lack of industry, landfills, etc. Our crops are grown on relatively small areas, so we can focus on quality, not quantity. The farm conducts retail agricultural trade selling its own agricultural products. We are not a big company or corporation. We do not use any chemical fertilisers or sprays. Our crops are run in an ecological manner. We use the knowledge of scientists who are passionate about ecology and healthy food.

Our farm grows its own black seeds, milk thistle, flax, rape, thyme and other herbs. The seeds are pressed so we also make cold oils with all permits and certificates.

It is a legal cultivation with all permits. Hemp panicles – we collect the inflorescences by hand at the right moment in order to obtain as many cbd crystals as possible. The mechanical harvesting sprinkles crystals on the ground. The inflorescences are dried naturally or in a drying room at low temperature. As a result, hemp does not lose its value. We carry out extractions with food alcohol, evaporated to zero. The alcohol method is the traditional extraction method modeled on the RSO (Rick Sompson Oil) method. Thanks to this, we obtain constant concentrations of 30% CBD. Since it is a pure plant extract, the so-called full spectrum, it also contains a small amount of THC, which is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of cannabinoids on the body to restore heaw


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Adults've Used CBD
2 %
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50 %
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70 %
Cannot tell you how much your CBD oil has helped my arthritic pain. I have been without it now for a week, really notice the stiffness and back pain. Never going back to strong painkillers again.

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